July 25, 2013

Cracks in the Ice

After my self-written scouting report came in last month, I knew it was time for a change... stop being a middle-aged fat ass and improve my game by dropping 50 pounds.

Since working really hard to drop weight to improve my tennis game back in 2007, I've slowly but surely found an extra 40-odd pounds to lug around on my 6'2" frame. I know that sounds like a lot to you, gentle reader, but the male ego is a wondrous thing- allowing even the morbidly obese to believe they are sexy beasts.

So after watching some video of my play, wondering why I'm panting like a racehorse during games and enjoying another post-game 2,000 calorie meal, I decided it was go time.

Keto On

The Keto diet is an Atkins variation that causes your body, through diet, to stop burning sugar and burn fat instead. By denying the body complex sugars and carbohydrates (that get converted to sugars) it is forced into burning fat and protein as the go-to source of energy. The result is weight loss and a drastic change in insulin production.

The diet includes a lot of protein and fat with virtually no carbs or sugars. Here's a typical day for me;

Net Calories / Day 2,000
Net Carbs / Day 25g

Fat / Day 133g
Protein / Day 175g

2 egg
3 strip of bacon

1 ounce of cheese
coffee with full-fat creamer x2
2 ounce lunch meat
2 ounce cheese
1/2 cup strawberries w/ artificial sweetner
2 ounce pork rinds
4 tablespoons sour cream dip
1 ounce nuts
Bunless cheese burger w/mayo & mustard x2
Green salad with onions, mushrooms & cheese
3 tablespoon low carb, full fat ranch dressing

No bread. No rice. No pasta. No processed food. No sugars.

The results after four weeks are as follows;

  • 18 pound weight loss
  • No hunger pangs or "hanging on" until the next meal
  • No sugar crashing or rabid hunger
  • 80% reduction of joint and muscle pain from exercise
  • Increased energy levels

There's a long but fascinating article available in the New York Times archive (2002) that reveals what may be a big change coming in what we think we know about diet and obesity. It has helped me understand why a diet that contains fat and protein but eliminates carbs and sugars should be the default for us all.

I don't plan on turning this blog into a dieting report, but I will keep it updated with my progress through the rest of the year.