May 13, 2016

Slip Slidin' Away

So this entry is really just an excuse to share some video taken at a recent game.

I hadn't had any new video for almost two years and I was more than a little anxious about what I'd see. Watching yourself partake in physical activity is a humbling experience and you need to accept that somehow video slows down the movement through some digital magic. Its not that the actual speed of a beer league hockey game is closer to chess than the NHL - really, it's some problem with technology.

A few observations and notes for future self:

  1. Your push/slides are much better than you give yourself credit for
  2. You need to keep working to improve post slides and RVH
  3. You might want to start catching pucks in your glove instead of creating juicy rebounds
  4. Your defense makes you appear to be a better goalie than you really are
  5. You fill up a lot of net, stop floundering around so much and let the puck hit you
  6. Stop being so lazy with your c-cuts

This weekend is another round of playoffs as our Winter season comes to an end. The PuckHawg's last season came to a crashing halt when I played one of the worst games in recent memory. We have made it past round 1 where we exited last season and now just two wins are needed for our first 'C' Upper title. Expect a full report- win or lose.