November 28, 2016

Love Letter To My Defenseman

Dear Defenseman,

I'm sitting on the sofa 24 hours after getting scalded for 10 goals. I'm glad I waited until now to write to you because yesterday I was really down on myself and truth be told I was a little unhappy with you about the way the game went. We were quite a sight last night. The perfect pair. You let shooters through the slot to pot rebounds, set up perfect screens and even watched as forwards got behind you for breakaways. I was just as bad. I mishandled easy shots, didn't control the puck and eventually became more porous than a cauldron of spaghetti. That sometimes happens after the 5th or 6th goal.

Don't fret though, I haven't forgotten the good times. The many games we've had where you took control of our zone, pushing shooters wide or allowing only long range shots that I could see for miles. Those were nights when you swept in with your stick like a vision, slapping away those pucks that bounced off my chest or pads and ZOOM! they were out of danger. Gosh I played great on those nights. I easily handled the hardest of shots, gobbling them up in my glove. I confidently directed pucks towards the corner. I stood tall in the net and moved easily to meet shooters. Oh the times we had together!

I know you sometimes look at those opposing goaltenders when they make those sexy saves on a one-timer or a second rebound but don't you remember the nights when those saves were mine? Think back. I know you remember. Funny thing though. I feel those were the same nights you were my knight and my protector. Those times when my confidence was so high that I knew I could play free and loose because you would be there making sure the puck was sent out of danger and pushing guys out of my way. Yes, those are the nights that together we performed as a perfect pair.

I may not be as flashy or as full of bravado as some of those other goalies but when you and I play like I know we can, I play just a little better than my 50 year old bones should allow. A little bit better than my skill should allow.  I hope those are games you look at me the same way that you look at those other goalies but know that on the nights that I'm standing on my head making all the saves, you are the best part of my game.


The Ancient Netminder