June 4, 2013

Getting Called Up

The Hockey Director at our local rink has been doing a great job of rebuilding the minor and adult hockey programs in the year since he took over. One example is our Adult 'D' League which is currently hosting 12 teams- up from only 4 a year ago.

In the break between I-League seasons, I was approached to play on one of the new D teams, "The Whale". I was thrilled to be asked and jumped at the chance to move up in skill levels.

In my dizzying weekly schedule of ice-time I have been a regular at drop-in hockey sessions at different rinks in my area and I feel like I hold my own against all but a few players each time I'm on the ice. Yes, I get torched by blazing fast skaters and there's little to no defense played in these sessions but it has been great experience to play against higher level players.

Last night I stepped onto the ice with my new team to play our first game of the Spring session. I had noticed that our ranks were pretty small when in the dressing room but looking at only two extra skaters sitting on our bench made me realize what a tough night we were in for. 8 goals later we had dropped our first game (8-6) and I let in at least two softies I'd like back.

I was expecting to do better and was pretty disappointed to have let so many get past me in my first D game. I even let a little doubt creep in that the team may want me to continue through the season but the chatter in the locker room was about how they hadn't helped me on defense.

Do I Need an Agent?

On the heels of my first- and less than stellar- D league game, an email drops into my inbox from a team captain from a nearby rink who are looking for a goalie. "Goalies play half. Let me know if you're interested," was all the message had but this is the second D team to request my services. Of course I will jump at the chance to join another team.

I wonder how much hockey my poor Amy will put up with?

My next entry will feature some fresh video. I am anxious to compare my game to where it was a few months ago. <fingers crossed>