June 7, 2013

Scouting Report June 2013

If you've been following my recent blog posts about my transition from stand-up to butterfly and the many hours on the ice learning new techniques along with adding newer equipment, you no doubt expect a pretty marked improvement in my play since January when I started.

I know I was... until I watched the new video.

So here is a self-written scouting report on the Ancient Netminder based on the 3 minutes of footage available in this post. It should go without saying that I am disappointed in my progress and have a lot of work ahead of me.

Ancient Netminder

6'2, 260 (Not verified, the scale broke)
Catches: Left

Born: After A. Lincoln but before W. Gretzky in Ontario, Canada

Drafted: Never, but left the window open one night and caught a cold.
Last Season: Played 7 games for local Adult Instructional League aka The Bottom of the Barrel

Scouting Report:

Relies on posts to determine where he is
 and is forced to check his position often.
  • He likes to stay further back in crease which is hurting his angle and position to the shooter. 
  • He has average reaction time and his movement is slow and deliberate.
  • Drops into butterfly for everything within the circles and then reacts to it
- often leaving the top part of the net open.
  • He leaves open net to his left and right and tries to use his blocker and catcher instead of making little adjustments to center his body toward the puck
  • Covers a lot of net down low but is very immobile once down.
  • Little evidence of advanced butterfly technique (slides, pushes etc)

Drop some weight. I mean a lot of weight. Seriously, he's too fat.
  • Find a way to build confidence and challenge shooters to reduce angles and open net.
  • Get more mobile when in the butterfly. Where are his slides and pushes?
  • Diet and exercise. How is he not breaking through the ice he's so fat.